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Faster to your regulatory submission with Monitoring as a Service.
  • Real-time alerts and analytics of patient and doctor compliance instead of waiting 2-10 weeks for onsite monitoring reports.
  • Eliminate avoidable rework and remove bottlenecks and delays at the end of your clinical trial.
  • 6 weeks instead of 26 weeks to statistical report:
    20 weeks ahead of your competitors.
    20 weeks faster to your next funding event and higher valuation.
    20 weeks closer to an M&A or product licensing event.


For medical device and biotech startups

Discover superior value by eliminating the rework typical of manual monitoring processes. Use our Alerts and Analytics to stay on top of your sites, your subjects and your study monitors.

For CROs

Use our Clear Clinica Alerts and Analytics to hit your milestones with actionable intelligence on sites. Be more effective with 5-10X better ROI on your monitoring dollar.

For Investors

Early-stage startups as well as later stage portfolio companies accelerate their product development process with secure Clear Clinica cloud EDC and Monitoring as a Service technologies. Transparency without the pain of paper.



Real time

Access all the data, anytime, from anywhere.

Monitoring as a Service

Identify GCP, protocol compliance ,recruitment issues, perform site oversight in real-time in the cloud. Focus your on-site visits on real-problem solving instead of wasting time and money on low-value SDV.

Cloud based

No need for IT. Just use it.


Define your own real-time alerts. Write your own analytics rules to visualize trends in protocol compliance, adverse events, recruitment and site performance.

Unlimited use subscription

For a fixed price per month - you get unlimited usage: users, sites, storage and forms for your study.

Clear Clinica - best practices for implementing cloud EDC in clinical trials

Learn world-class best practices for running your clinical trial in the cloud.
  • Learn the 6 step program to EDC success
  • Correct EDC misconceptions
  • Dispel clinical data monitoring FUD
  • Secure your clinical data and IP