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Produce your statistical
report 10X faster
  • A better, smarter and more effective way to manage your clinical trial. Forget the paper CRF mess, it’s time for Electronic Data Capture to make your clinical data management easier and smoother!
  • Customize our Risk Apps for your clinical trial to get real-time insight into your sites’ performance, data quality and patient safety and compliance.
  • Clear Clinica’s high-performance and secure cloud EDC and Monitoring services are easy to setup and use.


For medical device and biotech startups

Produce your statistical report up to 10X faster by eliminating the rework typical in paper CRF. Use our Risk Apps to stay on top of your sites, your subjects and your CRO.

For CROs

Use our Risk Apps to hit your milestones with actionable intelligence on sites. Be more effective with 5-10X better ROI on your monitoring dollar.

For Investors

Help your early-stage startups as well as your later stage portfolio companies accelerate their product development process with our easy-to-use cloud EDC and Monitoring as a Service technologies. Gain transparency without the pain of paper.



Real time

Access all the data, anytime, from anywhere.

Monitoring as a Service

Identify issues in data without expensive and limited-value on-site monitoring visits.

Cloud based

No need for IT. Just use it.


Apply risk apps to get the insights you need to succeed.

Great Price

30-50% cheaper than any competing product.

Clear clinica ebook

This eBook explains the benefits of using EDC instead of using paper. This will:
  • Save your time
  • Secure your information
  • You can access it from anywhere